Business continuity and disaster recovery

picMany companies, large and small, fail to protect their corporate assets by not having a tried and tested business continuity or disaster recovery plan in place.

Failure in critical areas, including IT, will seriously impact company profits, affect it's reputation and may open it up to litigation by its customers.

Small disruptive events, such as localised power cuts or software crashes, that you do not easily have control over happen in companies almost on a daily basis. Larger events such as major power failures, computer server issues, fire and flood fortunately do not happen too often.

However, these events threaten the smooth running of your business - but if you have anticipated and prepared for them, your company will recover much more quickly. Major events and disasters will ultimately affect your company's profitability and may cause loss of customer confidence affecting your reputation as well as creating legal and compliance issues. Major disruptions can also affect both staff and business processes, including the breakdown in communication between stakeholders, staff, customers and your supply chain.

These problems cannot be ignored which is by business and disaster recovery planning is essential for all companies and businesses. Stakeholders, directors and senior managers must 'buy into this' and recognise the risks that are appropriate to their organisation and plan for these events.

The first step is to understand what business continuity is and develop a strategic plan to cope with potential threats. These plans need to be tried and tested on a regular basis and modified if necessary, so that when a major disruptive event occurs it can then be quickly dealt with.

Camtek CSI can provide solutions in two ways: by offering consultancy to develop and test a plan, and by offering training courses and workshops should you prefer to take on this task in-house. For further information why not contact us now by email or phone.