Cyber-security services at Camtek CSI, London.

Cyber security

picCamtek CSI helps secure computers and networks to make business operations safer and more resilient, to both outside and inside attack.

Removing viruses and other malware, retrieving lost data, and providing back-up services is part of what we can offer your company.

'Cyber security' is the term used to describe securing the electronic medium of computers and networks, which are used to store, modify and communicate information in the medium known as 'cyber-space'.

This medium includes the internet, corporate and private networks, and an ever increasing number of on-line cloud based business services which rely on a secure environment to operate in. A secure digital environment is important to HM Government, UK businesses and to individuals who use a service such as on-line banking and other commercial gateways.

However, cyberspace is also used for malicious purposes by individuals, commercial organisations and some foreign governments to commit fraud, conduct espionage operations or launch denial of service attacks which often temporarily close down essential web-sites and networks.

Cyber-attacks occur on a daily basis, whether by deliberate infiltration, 'drive-by exploits' or from intervention from unscrupulous employees. It is always important to maintain vigilance, protect data and log-in credentials with strong passwords, bet adequately firewalled and use encryption where necessary.

Malware, or programs that install without your permission, such as viruses, worms, trojans, spyware, key-loggers and other malicious code are rampant on the internet and can easily, and unwittingly be down-loaded to infect your computers. It is important to ensure all anti-virus software is updated automatically together with software patches and operating system updates (example Microsoft Windows updates).

If you or your organisation is concerned about such exploits then call us to see how we can help you. There is no obligation or sales pressure to take matters further unless you wish to. Why not contact us now by email or phone.