Digital forensics

picIf a criminal or malicious employee stole data from your company, or altered your records, would you have the in-house skills to detect it?

We offer several forms of digital forensic resources, as well as help with forensic readiness planning.

When something goes wrong, for example malware or a malicious employee has tampered with your data, carrying out a forensic analysis may be required. This needs to be done carefully to prevent corruption or the data being changed by the investigation itself. If the case is serious and needs to proceed to legal recourse, it is important to carry out all proceedures correctly and with a chain-of-custody in place covering any equipment seized.

It is better to consider such possible problems in advance by having a forensic readiness plan, business continuity and disaster recovery plan - or a combination of them already in place to make recovery easy. This will ensure a minimum disruption and financial loss to your business and more importantly, mitigate any legal action brought about by your clients because due-diligence has not been fully carried out.

Whether you need an investigation or just a forensic readiness plan, Camtek CSI are here to help.

We carry out our investigations to industry guidelines including protocols established by the Association of Chief Police Officers' Good Practice Guide for Computer-based Electronic Evidence.

If you or your organisation is concerned about such possibilities then call us to see how we can help you. There is no obligation or sales pressure to take matters further unless you wish to. Why not contact us now by email or phone.